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The Amazing Nose Work Journey

Dogs Rule! That is the key to Nose Work. In almost all other settings we communicate what we would like our dogs to do, and through practice and support, the dog will do it. We are in the driver’s seat and the dog is in the sidecar. However, in Nose Work the dogs are the pilots and we get to, when we don’t think too much, enjoy the ride.

Mary and I have spent years exploring this game and pretty much every time we go out with our dogs, whether it’s in class or in a trial, on the road or in our home, we learn something new.

We learn about the world around us. How wind, temperature, distractions, and our own movements impact an area, and change where and how you dog can smell odors. We also learn to watch our dogs search, discover, and communicate when they find a unique scent. In the best case scenario, all we do is make sure the dog has enough leash to find what they are looking for and we have enough treats to tell them how fabulous they are when they find the odor.

A lot of people come to this game/sport because they have a dog that is high drive (lots of energy), maybe they want to do something fun with their dog and other dog sports have not been a good fit. Some people have a shy dog, or a fearful dog that can’t comfortably be out and about or they need to build their confidence. We also have driven competitors who want to excel in the sport and compete at the highest level. The good news is Nose Work has something for every one of those folks.

If you read Mary’s bio you know that she got into this sport because of her crazy doodle boy Riley. She never had a dog so afraid of other dogs and when she took him out for walks on leash, other dogs went after him. He also had zero recall so he could never be off leash. She was at a loss for what to do with him, and had no idea where they could go out together and have fun. A dog behaviorist suggested Nose Work, and the rest is history. Not only did it work for Riley, it brought us into a wonderful world of dogs, a community of fun people, and a great new sport.

If you're looking for a new way to enjoy time with your dog, come join the fun, learning and adventure that is Nose Work

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