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Intro to K9 Nose Work
  • We begin building foundations by encouraging 'hunt drive' using boxes. 

  • Each team works individually with the trainer to maximum safety and learning for the dog. 

  • The dog’s work one at a time - work, rest, work pattern. 

  • Students are encouraged to watch the other teams working. This helps develop observation skills for better understanding of scent theory.  Everyone learns from each other, and this creates a supportive environment community for all.

  • We will work the four elements: Interiors, Exteriors, Vehicles and Containers

  • Dogs will be kept in their cars or crated in a separate area allowing each dog to feel safe and free from distractions. 

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Intro to Odor
  • We build upon the skills learned in the Intro to K9 NW foundations.

  • Teams will refine skills with their dog. Pairing primary (food) with target odor. They will begin to search for a trained target odor (birch).

  • We will build odor obedience and ensure dogs are driving to source.

  • Dog will continue to learn how to use their nose and to work independently to find the target odor.

  • Handlers will learn about scent cones (odor movement) and how the environment effects odor..

  • We will discuss the use, handling, preparation, storage, and disposal of odor. 

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Continuing Odor
  • Continuation of skills from our Intro to Odor.

  • Teams will go to various locations. (Feed and Fuel stores, Pet Food Stores, Schools and more!)

  • Handlers will gain more knowledge about how they influence searches.

  • We will discuss preparing handlers for taking the Odor Recognition Test

  • Complexity will be added to searches:

    • Converging odor

    • Elevation

    • Pooling Odor 

    • Lingering Odor

Private Training

We are offering private NACSW K9 Nose Work training.


Private lessons give you a chance to work one-on-one with a trainer.  Each lesson is tailored to the needs of you and your dog to help you achieve your nose work goals.


1 hour sessions or 4 lesson package at a reduced rate


Contact us for more information.

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Odor Recognition Test (ORT)

An ORT is required for trialing at an NACSW™ trial.


We will prepare teams for the ORT by training dog to stay at source and be independent hunters. We will work with handlers on their leash handling skills. 

We also offer Mock ORT sessions for final preparation for the test day.

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