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Congratulations to Seaside Sniffers 2024!

The Seaside Sniffers have much to celebrate this year. Lots of successful searches and in some cases, ribbons! Here's the short list of big accomplishments.

Team Finley

What a year it's been for Team Finley! They have been refining the fine art of Nose Work through a lot of practice, and attending a variety of sniff and goes and workshops. The result? They passed all three odors at their Odor Recognition Test (ORT), and put in great performances at their trials and earned a Level 1 Containers Title along with a Nose Work 1 Title!

The sky is the limit for this hardworking dynamic duo.

Team Cloe

Team Chloe got their Nose Work 1 Title, and finished in the top 10 of competitors!

Rich has been a dedicated and patient handler and the team just gets better each time they head out to search.

Team Sam

Karen Meyer and Sam have had a very successful 2024. During this year not only did they pass their Odor Recognition Test, they got their first ribbon in Level One Interiors! 

For these interiors there are four searches, and teams needed to find one hide in each room. They were able to get all four and Team Sam took second place in one of the searches.

We're looking forward to celebrating Team Sam's next big win!

Team Nutella

Not only did Isabel and Nutella pass the Odor Recognition Test (ORT) this year, they also scored a Nose Work 1 Title. They demonstrated great skills and teamwork at the trial! The also showed off a very fashionable look at the trial with that sporty bandana!

The Dynamic Duo of Biscuit and Loki

KC has already demonstrated great handling in agility, but she is also a hot shot handler in Nose Work! Both Biscuit and Loki are working hard towards an AKC title that requires high level performance in 5 elements including Scent Work. The teams have had good days and are getting closer with every trial. A ribbon to add to their collection is sure to be coming their way soon!

Team Cassie

At the end of 2023 Sue Hollis and Cassie went to an AKC Scent trial. Cassie qualified for all 5 novice searches (Novice, Container, Interior, Exterior, and Handler Discrimination). They only need one more qualifying score to achieve the Novice Scent title.

Cassie was exceptional in her first attempt at Handler Discrimination, finding Sue's personal item in one of 6 boxes in 47 seconds. She earned a 4th place ribbon in this event.

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