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Seaside Sniffers' Spring Blog

Think of the Seaside Sniffer blog like you would a progressive dinner party. We’ll be serving up appetizers, a main course and desert (and not necessarily in that order) along with our favorite recipes. You might pass on one or more dishes, but we hope you’ll find at least one satisfying entrée. As you might know, progressive dinner parties are normally held at multiple locations, so we ask you to add to the feast and bring your own thoughts and ideas to the table. We want there to be something for everyone and hope that we can all swap ingredients and recipes.

Celebrating Our Packs' Successes!

Our students have been making progress, enjoying their teams' strengths, and learning from their teams' challenges. Although Nose Work looks like a simple task; the dog looks for and finds odor. It is far more complicated than it looks. There are so many variables in play from environmental to emotional. It’s what makes this game so fascinating because we get to learn about the world around us, get insights into animal behavior, as well as learn how we manage our own expectations and emotions. In short, it’s a wild and crazy roller coaster with a side of bumper cars.

Our introduction to K9 scent work and introduction to odor teams includes two Border Terriers Mitch & Lola, Formosa Mountain Dog (Mexican Street Dog) Korra, Golden Retriever Gemma and Aussie Riley. Now we also have Terriers, Labs, Golden Retrievers, Viszlas, Huskies, Hounds and many mixed breeds. It just shows any dog can do this, and all their peeps are great! handlers in training.

We also have another Introduction to K9 Nosework class that is just launching. We'll get you update on just how fabulous our students are in our next addition of the blog. To all of our new students, welcome and we're glad you're here!

In our continuing odor class our students have been reading when their pups first pick up odor, sometimes across a room or many feet downwind. Noting this is just as important as your dog precisely notes where the odor is hidden. Each dog has their own style and subtleties when searching, and the trick is to pay attention to your dog’s unique “Ah Ha” moment when they first catch and then lock in on the odor. It is different for every dog and handler. However, the greatest success happens when a handler learns to read their dog’s early indications that they are smelling or are “in odor” in a particular area. Then the handler can follow their dog’s movements towards the exact spot that the odor is hiding. The finale will be your dog’s particular indication that the odor is HERE! Each step is important, and makes for a successful search.

One of the great benefits of the Seaside Sniffers is the supportive and enthusiastic students that join our classes. We believe that so much can be gained by being a part of a group of students. We get to share our discoveries both in class and out of class, create a team of people who you travel the Nose Work journey together, but also enjoy the journey, as well as the goal.

Laura and I have made lifelong friends through this sport and found a community of people who love their dogs, love the challenge and are pulling for one another to do well. Sure, there are competitive folks who join this sport and that is great! However, as one of our colleagues reminded us at one of the trials, the best thing about this sport is you get to spend another day with your best buddy. The ribbons will fade, but your love and appreciation for your dog will stay with you for a lifetime.

Paws Up For Our Seaside Sniffers!

ORT (Odor Recognition Test) Shout Outs

Linda and Riley

Although Linda has been out of class for a little while, recovering from knee surgery, we wanted to note that she successfully completed her ORT with her little white dog Riley! We hope to see her and her pooch back in class soon.

Maggie and Poppy

Ms. Poppy put on quite a show at the ORT. She figured out where those odors were hiding In record time and made sure to let Maggie know “it’s here”! Poppy’s showing that seniors can still rock it and have a good time doing it too.

Laura and Bernard

Bernard was at the Peninsula Humane Shelter for 400 Days! Laura had worked with Bernard at the Nose Work Shelter Dog program at PHS and saw not only a star Nose Work prospect, but also a possible lifelong pal. Team Bernard is a fabulous team and are real-life examples of how far a dog can come if provided the right combo of activities and love. Keep rockin Team Bernard!

Sue and Cassie

Faster than a speeding bullet is Cassie! When she first joined our class she would have won a steeple chase, high jump, speed skating and Kentucky Derby. Sue has done an amazing job helping Cassie, her Vizsla, to focus on the start line and then releasing her at a reasonable pace so Cassie can check all of those little white boxes. She also has one of the best start lines ever, where she gives Cassie a big smooch on the top of her head before she sends her out to hunt. Congrats on getting all three odors and now preparing for Nose Work 1!

Rich (and Pat) and Chloe

Labs are built for this sport and Chloe is no exception! Congratulation to the dynamic duo of Rich and Pat who supported Chloe to find those hot boxes and show them where it was! She loves this game and showed her stuff at the trials! Chloe is another rescue from the Peninsula Humane Society and has been a great competitor, but also an amazing addition to the pack.

Lindsay and Kohaku

Lindsay and her very focused friend Kohaku work great together. At the ORT they scored a big yes when they passed two of the three searches. With a bit more practice there is no doubt they will get that remaining odor and be heading on to Nose Work 1.

Going For The Title

Sharon and Stormy Trooper

Team Stormy Trooper, another rescue from the Peninsula Humane Society, are on the edge of earning their NW3 Elite Title. They just need to get into a NW3 trial, which these days, are very popular! They are a strong team and we’re sure Sharon and Stormy will be getting that title and entering an Elite trial soon.

We are Students Too!

Laura and I are learning from some of the best teachers in the area. They have provided us with a variety of tips and tricks, along with a bunch of fun challenges. Just like our students, we are discovering new things about the sport, our pups and ourselves. We are far from being Jedi Masters, however we believe Martin Gladwell rule of mastery might be right. The rule is simple: mastery comes after someone practices one skill for 10,000 hours. Well Laura and have a lot of hours in on this sport, but nowhere near 10,000 hrs., so just like you, we will keep learning.

Mr. Beppo is picking up speed and is well on his way to closing in on his NW3 Elite Title. His short legs are not built for speed, but his little dog brain is going 100 mph. It’s exciting to see his progress, and we expect great things from Team Beppo at the next trial.

Scout recently had one of her best trials in Reno (and it wasn’t on the "pass line” at the Craps Table). We scored a 1st place in one of the searches, a couple of 3rd places in two of the other searches, and a third-place finish overall in the trial. We also received our Elite 2 Title. The little red dog was in the flow that day, but believe me when I say, not every day is a Reno Day! But it was still a very nice day.

Happy (almost) Summer

We're looking forward to spending these dog days of summer with you. Keep an eye out for upcoming classes and workshops from Seaside Sniffers, as well as upcoming trials and sniff and gos. Summer fun awaits you and your 4 legged pal.

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